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Is the New Twitter Logo Batman or Sonic?

Twitter’s fancy new logo bears a resemblance to its old one, but that’s not the only thing it looks like. Of course, as soon as Twitter explicitly forbade the rotation of its logo, people started spinning that thing left and right. Who would have thought that would yield Sonic and Batman?

The Sonic graphic was made by Ben Flores, a graphic designer from San Francisco. Batman, on the other hand, came from the mind of Josh Helfferich. The existence of both raises a very important question: Which of these is the Twitter logo’s true secret identity? In order to become Sonic, the bird not only has to rotate, but also affix a prosthetic nose to the top of its head. Then again, to become Batman, it has to completely change color. They both seem equally unlikely. Clearly, it’s Katy Perry.

Any other guesses?

(via Gizmodo and TDW Geeks)

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