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Find the Nicest Tweeters and the Asshats with This Heat Map

Twitter can be a pretty nasty place sometimes. That’s what happens when you give everyone a place where they can immediately post their reactions on impulse. When people don’t like what they hear, or read, online, they can get pretty perturbed. Sometimes things get heated and they say things like “fuck you.” Things aren’t all bad, however. Sometimes folks still greet each other with a cheery “good morning” instead. Now we even have a heat map showing exactly where these two crop up!

If you have ever wondered whether there’s a correlation between the way people behave on Twitter and where they’re from, the folks over at Vertalab have created a keyword heatmap, which shows on an hourly basis where the most people are tweeting the two of microblogging’s most commonly used phrases. Choose which one you want to see, click on a day — the application uses data based on Twitter activity from last month — and watch the courtesy or harassment unfold.

Apparently saying “good morning” on Twitter actually isn’t that common an occurrence. “Fuck you,” on the other hand, seems pretty timeless. Though there are definitely areas where it crops up more often than not, like Los Angeles. No surprise there.

(Vertalab via Gizmodo)

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