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Twitter Is Sharing Tales of Badass Women from History Who Should All Have Biopics By Now

Public domain image of Ching Shih from Wikimedia Commons

Users on Twitter have been sharing amazing stories of their historical “bad bitches” after one user challenged Twitter: “Name a bitch badder than Taylor Swift.”

Now, this is not to hate on anyone who’s a Taylor Swift fan. Though she is certainly problematic, and so you’re welcome to call her out, any woman who donates to Kesha during her case against Dr. Luke, and who takes her groper to court and rips into his victim-blaming lawyer, has plenty enough badass in her. I’m not here to lean into any nonsense that pits women against each other in a contest for Coolest Cool Girl. (That’s why I left out the other modern, living celebrities that users suggested.)

But I am 100% here for streams of stories about female pirates, heroes, and Nazi-slayers. Bring that on, please!

(These next two are about the same woman, but I liked both summaries.)

In sum, I leave you with this list to present to any devil’s advocate who tells you that fiction which shows women as generals, duelists, athletes, or scientists is “just not realistic.” Prove them wrong with these stories from, you know, actual reality.

And of course, these are only some of the stories that were shared. Tell me some of your favorite historical ladies!

(Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/public domain)

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