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The New Twin Peaks Blu-Ray Set to Have Truly Bonkers Bonus Features

The interviews are not what they seem.

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Worried that the ten-disc Blu-Ray Twin Peaks set due for release this summer will lack the show’s surreality? Concerned Lynch’s weirdness will be compromised by agreeing to release 90 unseen minutes of the Peaks saga? Well, slow your roll: CBS recently released a new trailer starring Lynch himself, and it’s weird. Like, Nadine-level weird.

Back in May, the Blu-Ray’s first trailer revealed that the bonus features, in addition to having a generous helping of log lady, would also include a discussion between Lynch and Cheryl Lee, Ray Wise, and Grace Zabriskie. Now CBS says that not only will Lynch be asking the trio about their experience working on the series and prequel film, he’ll also be interviewing them in character as members of the Palmer family. Here’s a trailer for the interview, featuring Wise as Leland Palmer. As one might predict, it’s wackadoo:

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The box set goes on sale July 29th. Its wealth of weirdness definitely won’t come cheap, but in the words of Agent Cooper: “every day, once a day, give yourself a present.” Need more convincing? Here’s the original trailer. Just try to resist.

(via Fangoria)

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