Will Forte offers to describe Twilight movies shot for shot on Parks and Recreation.

The Twilight Saga Is Now on Netflix and the Reactions Are Hilariously Relatable

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Whether you’re a Twilight stan or not, this saga is iconic and people are over the Moon that it’s now on Netflix. From its sparkly vampires to its over-the-top drama and that madness with a grown man imprinting on a baby, this saga is wild from start to finish. It’s also chock-full of controversy because of the questionable relationship between Bella and Edward, its theme of “thinly-veiled religious screed against teen sex,” and its ignorance when it comes to Indigenous people and their traditions.

But even then, after all is laid out for everyone to take in, people still love the Twilight series. I think its biggest draw is definitely a sense of escapism. I watched it knowing it was going to be ridiculous, didn’t take any of the themes seriously, and got shushed when I went to an early screening with a friend and laughed at the worst time, according to my friend. I couldn’t help it, especially with how Edward reacted to Bella’s smell. Iconic.

Then, there are those whose opinion on the series has changed as they’ve come to acknowledge its flaws, but want to relive their teenage years anyway. That bit of nostalgia is understandable, and I’ve watched plenty of garbage films during this pandemic that I watched when I was younger and now realize are supremely problematic. And honestly, I think that the people that are excited about The Twilight Saga being on Netflix fall into this category, where they’re reliving their past in spite of themselves, more than anything else.

And Twitter, doing what it does best, is full of memes and tweets about the joy and excitement these Twilight fans feel now that they get to relive their teenage years from the comfort of their home and without popping open the Twilight DVD boxset they have hidden in their room.

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