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Tucker Carlson Let A 9/11 Truther On His Show. Also, The Sky Is Blue.

Tucker Carlson talks during a panel, gesturing with his hand.

This just in: Fox News’ Tucker Carlson reportedly interviewed a 9/11 truther on his show, a totally bizarre and out of character decision for the normally level-headed host. Similarly, scientists across the globe are baffled after discovering that the sky above the Earth is indeed blue.

Tucker Carlson has worked hard to create a reputation for himself as someone known for intellectually nuanced and culturally informed takes on current issues. The very idea that he would humor former Bush administration official and 9/11 conspiracy theorist Catherine Austin Fitts feels like something out of science fiction. The discovery of a blue sky above also feels like something out of science fiction. Scientists are flabbergasted as to what could be causing such a strange and unprecedented phenomenon.

Who Is Catherine Austin Fitts? Is She Also Aware That The Sky Is Blue?

Catherine Austin Fitts is a former assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development. She is also the founder of the Solari Report (spokespeople for which could not be reached for comment about the blueness of the sky). While most of Fitts’ energy is taken up by denying the veracity of the 9/11 attacks, her cameo on Carlson’s show was to talk about a different matter entirely.

While on air, Fitts claimed that the financial system is creating “digital concentration camps” and that the “homes,” “cars,” and “communities” of American citizens will be in jeopardy. How does she support this claim? Fitts says that she’s been “monitoring” the issue, the same way that she has been monitoring the “Ziocons” that she claims control top U.S. officials as “puppets”.

What is a Ziocon, you ask? According to Fitts, Ziocons are a shadowy corporate groups that seek to control the nations of the world and bring about the New World Order. Strangely enough, Tucker Carlson appeared to lend credence to this claim in how he introduced Fitts. He began the segment by saying that a shadowy global cabal is shuttering banks and ATMs in order to achieve world domination and leave the common man with “no power whatsover.” This is a shocking departure for Carlson, who up until this point tended to hold more rational points of view, such as the new Green M&M isn’t sexy enough. Almost as shocking as the discovery that the sky, unlike the object of Carlson’s sexual desire, is not, in fact, green.

While Fitts’ stance on the Sky Question is not known, she does make her stance apparent on a slew of other issues. Fitts rose to prominence in the years after 9/11 and was a board member of the 9/11 conspiracy theory website 9/ She and other 9/11 truthers believe that 9/11 was allowed to happen by the U.S. government as a “pretext for war.” In light of her controversial views, it’s staggering that Tucker Carlson allowed her onto his show. Just as it’s equally staggering that the sky above pre-9/11 America was also blue—according to scientists.

Recently, Fitts has made a name for herself for spreading false information about the COVID-19 vaccine. She also alleges that vaccines received in childhood are responsible for “disabilities and death inflicted on our children by what I now call ‘the great poisoning.’ ” She later achieved viral fame for her appearance in Planet Lockdown, a documentary claiming that a “committee that runs the world” is using the pandemic in order to secure power. She also claimed that the COVID-19 vaccine will “modify your DNA and for all we know make you infertile”. She then went on to say that the vaccine contains a microchip, and the virus is “fake.”

She claims that current president Joe Biden is also “fake” and that his election win was due to “massive voter fraud.” She also said that people don’t have to pay their taxes because “the government is breaking all the laws related to financial management.” And that the government is attempting to “inject nanoparticles into your body.”

Fitts’ vaccine shenanigans don’t stop there. The Washington Post reported that Fitts has endorsed anti-vax activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Fitts even authored a glowing review of “Profiles of the Vaccine Injured,” an anti-vax book written by the Kennedy-sponsored group Children’s Heath Defense. She called the book a “sobering contribution” to public understanding. Almost as sobering as the discovery that the sky has been blue for longer than scientists previously thought possible. According to a new paper, the sky has been blue since the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s uncle, and perhaps even before that.

Just as some members of the scientific community are skeptical about the recent sky-color discovery, so, too, is Fitts skeptical of a number of top U.S. health officials. In an open letter titled “Notice For Liability,” Fitts called out then-acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky, and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra for spreading false information about the vaccine. She then went on to threaten that these people would not be safe from “the laws of God” if the COVID-19 vaccine was approved for children. God has neither confirmed nor denied these claims, nor has he weighed in on the recent scientific discovery of the color of the sky.

When Will Our Lizard Overlords Ban Cash? Are They Trying To Control The Narrative About The Sky?

The former question is what the chyron read during Fitts’ interview on Tucker Carlson’s show. The latter question is equally logical if Paragon Of Enlightened Reasoning Tucker Carlson allowed Fitts onto his show. He must be trying to tell us that the scientists are wrong. If Tucker Carlson is giving to credence to Fitts’ conspiracy theories, perhaps he is also trying to warn us that the shadowy cabal that controls the world is attempting to distract the populace with false narratives about the color of the sky. It’s the only logical explanation here.

Left to debate the exact hue of the firmament above, the populace will be caught unwares as the cabal systematically eliminates paper money in order to establish dominance in the New World Order. It’s a dark reality, but thankfully we have upstanding, honest, and rational people like Tucker Carlson to protect from the imminent demise of American society. Oh Tucker, what would be do without you?

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