Flanked by attorneys, former U.S. President Donald Trump appears in the courtroom

Even The Mugshot Trump Is Selling Is Fake

After Donald Trump’s arrest and subsequent media circus, his 2024 election campaign came out with some new merch, centered around a new theme: his mugshot. Except Trump was, by all reports, not forced to stand for a mugshot during his arrest, so what we’ve got here is actually just a poorly photoshopped picture of Trump behind bars with the words “NOT GUILTY” emblazoned below it.

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But that’s not even the fakest part.

The photo has Trump clocking in at 6’5″, two inches taller than his previously noted 6’3″ stature which was measured at a White House checkup in 2020. It seems that Donald Trump is the only man on Earth to have grown two inches after reaching the age of 70.

Lofty indeed. And the funniest thing of all here is not the t-shirt itself, but its asking price. For a basic white t-shirt with Trump’s face on it, the Trump campaign is asking for $36 dollars.


That’s probably $35 dollars more than the Trump campaign spent buying the shirt from whatever sweatshop it came from. Do you know what else you can get for $36 dollars? Seven Big Macs. Since Trump has been reported to literally eat two Big Macs and two Filet-O’-Fish sandwiches for dinner virtually every night (that’s not an exaggeration, he actually does this), that means you could feed three and a half Trumps with the price of this thing. Too bad they don’t serve McDonald’s in prison.

(featured image: Seth Wenig-Pool/Getty Images)

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