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Truly, Deadpool vs. Gangnam Style is the Finest of All Possible “Gangnam Style” Videos

If you were thinking of doing a Gangnam Style video — and yes, it has crossed all of our minds, the tune and video is just that ingrained in our brain holes now — you can maybe stop now? Nothing is going to outdo this take featuring Deadpool with a special guest appearance by Bane, so we can all just stop trying at let this trend serenely and officially jump the shark. Because this video is kind of the best?

Yes, very much so, in that it’s a great take on the PSY pop hit’s relentlessly ludicrous video, and not least because of how into it everybody is; a lot of people who look like they might be bothered by a dude in a Deadpool costume Gangaming at them turn out to be just delightfully enthusiastic about the matter. As for comic fans, it’s awesome because I think we can all agree — this is exactly in character for Deadpool. In fact, if there’s not some reference to this in Brian Posehn’s new Deadpool series or the upcoming video game, we can call that a wasted opportunity at the very least.

(via GammaSquad)

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