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Hitman Monkey in This Month’s Deadpool

Back in November, Marvel Comics announced a new villain to be appearing in Deadpool, their title regarding the Merc With a Mouth: Hit-man Monkey.

Yes.  That hit-man monkey. The one spawned from the loins of the Cheezburger Collective.

Or, rather, Hit-Monkey.  Well, Hit-Monkey had his Marvel Digital Comics Exclusive story told in December, and was name dropped in January’s issue of Deadpool, as an assassin that even Deadpool himself fears.  He will be making his first non-solo appearance in this week’s issue.  If your tastes run towards fourth wall-breaking and monkeys with guns, you might want to pick it up.


“Hitman Monkey is a soulful, tortured, jazz-loving 30-pound engine of destruction,” explains Executive Editor Axel Alonso… “Let’s be clear: Hitman Monkey is the harrowing tale of a Macaque monkey from the mountains of Japan who, though fate and circumstance, is transformed into the world’s deadliest assassin… I fail to see what could be funny about — oh. I see your point.”

Comixology has a preview up of the cover and first seven pages of Deadpool #20, if you’d like to do any more investigation.  Rest assured, Hit-Monkey remains existentially conflicted regarding his choice of profession.

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