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True Blood Recap: At Last


Ok, True Blood, you’ve still got me. 

I’ve been…”meh” I guess would be the appropriate word, on True Blood lately. The show is fun but I don’t get as excited about watching it as I used to. So was my mood this weekend but I was happily surprised when all was said and done.

We find Jason still passed out on the floor of Sookie’s house, no idea what’s wrong with him. While Sookie goes to call 911 (and casually mentions some vampire blood would be great right now) Ben outs himself (to the audience) as a vampire.  Yeah, figured as much. He gives Jason some of his blood to help revive him and Sookie returns to find Jason well again. But while cleaning up later, she finds a spot of blood on the floor and realizes what must have happened. And she has seriously had enough of this shit. Meanwhile, Niall is off after  Nora to ask about Warlow but before they can have much of a chat, the vampire police get her.

As suspected, the werewolves killed every one of Nicole’s friends. Alcide is asserting his annoying packmaster authority, ordering the wolves to clean up the mess and hunt for Sam, Emma, and the wounded Nicole.  Speaking of which, for someone looking to out all non-humans, that woman is very naive. Werewolves are the best trackers, Sam tells her, and they need to get far away as quickly as possible. He also tells Lafayette he’s done enough and to leave them, shifting into a horse Emma and Nicole can ride. They wind up at a hotel somewhere and once Emma is asleep, make out. Obviously. Ugh.

Terry is looking after Andy’s ever-growing faerie daughters who read his mind and find out about Patrick. Being Terry, he freaks out completely but Arlene steps in and tells them Uncle Terry just has an overactive imagination. When Andy comes home, he decides the kids should go to bed (since they hadn’t slept since they were three) and once the lights are out, they grow into teenagers. Realizing they may not be this age for much longer, they sneak out in search of a good time. What they find is Jessica, while attempting to buy alcohol.

Although she’s doing it so Bill won’t rip the poor girls apart, Jessica seems to feel really bad about luring them back to his house so they can run tests on their blood.  Thinking he’s flirting with her, one of the girls (still nameless) allows Bill to put a special blood bracelet on her. That means he can take a sample without actually having to bite her. He has Professor Hido Takahashi locked in the basement and lets him know what he’s looking for – a faery blood equivalent to Tru Blood. Takahashi discovers crystals in faerie blood which makes it very unstable. In fact, it turns into normal humam blood outside the host. He tells Bill it’s probably going to be impossible to synthesize the blood and Bill shows off his new powers, insisting it better not be impossible.

And then Jason had a homoerotic dream about Ben.

The Governor takes Ginger into custody when he realizes Eric has escaped with his daughter. He tells his men to keep an eye on the skies since Eric can fly when in fact, they’re in the sewers. Tara hid Willa to save her life but Eric threatens her until she tells him where to find her. Pam and Tara get into yet another fight and just as Tara is running off, the vampire police arrive and capture Pam.

Eric finds Willa at a carousel and she inquires as to why he didn’t let her taste his blood. She happens to think she deserves it. *Eyeroll* But Eric gets to thinking, and whether or not he had this plan all along is unclear, but he decides to make her a vampire. His second progeny ever. I am seriously pissed off on behalf of Pam.

Once she’s been made a vampire, she’s super hyper but has a harsh realization she’s just a pawn to Eric. He tells her to go home and see her father in her new state. When she arrives, she interups a conversation between her father and Sarah Newlin – who’ve apparently been getting it on. sleeping with governor. She tries to convince her father she’s the same person she’s always been, and encourage him to stop the vamp hate, but upon smelling blood on his hand, she goes for his throat and Sarah shoots her.

When Andy realizes his daughters are missing, he has a hell of a time finding them considering he can’t give an accurate description to anyone. Along with Jason, he finds their last location and then finds out faerie blood is extra appealing to vampires. Oh, crap. Jessica was doing a fair job of keeping the girls occupied but they realize something creepy is up with Bill and want to leave. She can’t control herself when they try and winds up biting every single one of them. We’re not sure if she’s killed them, but either way, she’s very upset with herself.

Niall knows something is up with Jason and reads the dream he had about Ben. This leads to him concluding Ben is actually a fae turned vampire or a vampire faery, however you want to put it, and is also most likely Warlow. They go on the hunt but Ben/Warlow gives them slip with his faery powers, knocks out Niall, and glamors Jason. And oh, hey, he has a different accent now, not like that’s going to get confusing at all. He makes Jason forget and goes to work draining, but not drinking, Niall’s blood. He weakened him so he couldn’t transport himself away. Ben/Warlow admits his dark and light sides battle with each other all the time and that he spared Niall the day he killed the rest of his family. And he’ll spare him again today, by sending him to the dark realm. How nice of him.

He moves on to Sookie’s house, where he’s late for a very special dinner. Sookie, suspecting his vampiric ways, added colloidal silver to their meal and gets all dolled up so Ben will be too distracted to notice. He eats the entire dish but it seems to have no affect. Once things move to the couch, a make out session ensues, Sookie gets partially unclothed, only to tell him that’s enough, turn her faery powers on him, and call him Warlow. That was weird.

It was a good episode. Things are actually happening to move the plot along and the Warlow reveal happened a lot sooner than I expected. One thing I’m really getting tired of though is the complete waste of Lafayette as a character. He’s there so Sam can bounce his plot off of him and nothing else. Have the creators forgotten how much we all love Lafayette? Also, Alcide really sucks now. Not liking his character direction at all. I’m going to reserve judgement about Eric’s new siring but man, Willa better really prove herself worthy. What did you all think of the episode?

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