Google’s Top Search Data for 2014 Is Out and Just as Full of Frozen and Jennifer Lawrence as You’d Expect

Let it Goooooooogle!
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Google has released its data for the top searches of 2014, so let’s see if we can have some fun with it. In U.S. searches, Flappy Bird beat the Ice Bucket Challenge, while worldwide the ALS awareness campaign edged it out, and ALS also came in as the top “what is… ?” search. Now will the “it’s self-serving and obnoxious!” complainers give it a rest?

So who was the most Googled of them all in 2014?


  1. Jennifer Lawrence
  2. Renee Zellweger
  3. Betty White
  4. Ellen Page
  5. Kim Novak
  6. Margot Robbie
  7. Jacqueline Bisset
  8. Lena Dunham
  9. Melanie Griffith
  10. Lea Thompson

Jennifer Lawrence is also in the #1 spot for the general “people” list—even the global one. So take that, literally every other human in existence.

Also, can we talk about how Lea Thompson still made the list of top searched actresses almost 30 years after Back to the Future? Marty McFly is going to be damn proud when he arrives from the past next year.

Video games:

  1. Destiny
  2. Titanfall
  3. Watch Dogs
  4. ArcheAge
  5. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  6. Madden 15
  7. Mario Kart 8
  8. Dragon Age Inquisition
  9. Battlefield Hardline
  10. League of Angels

I’m sorry. I’m going to need a minute to adjust to living in a world where Mario Kart 8 gets more searches than Smash Bros. I can’t see how anyone could possibly be surprised by the movie list, though.


  1. Frozen
  2. Interstellar
  3. Divergent
  4. Gone Girl
  5. Lone Survivor
  6. Godzilla
  7. 22 Jump Street
  8. Big Hero 6
  9. Annabelle
  10. Maleficent

Frozen also came in at #2 on the “.gifs” list behind only some sports player thing, because of course it did.

Or the TV shows, for that matter.

TV Shows:

  1. Game of Thrones
  2. No, You Shut Up!
  3. True Detective
  4. Orange is the New Black
  5. Blood, Sweat & Heels
  6. The Following
  7. House of Cards
  8. Gotham
  9. South Park
  10. American Horror Story

There’s also a “Selfies” list where “Monkey selfie” is number two, which I’m guessing is in reference to a legal battle over the copyright status of a picture taken by a monkey, because the world is a hilarious place. The only thing that managed to beat it was the Oscar selfie, because monkeys are the greatest.

In electronics, the iPhone 6 came in first ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Nexus 6. The Xbox one also managed to make the list both in the U.S. and wordlwide, while the PlayStation 4 and the Wii U are nowhere to be found.

The science and nature searches weren’t that interesting, except that dog searches warranted an entire list all to themselves. If you’re wondering why cats didn’t then get two of their own lists, it’s because no one needs to search for cats on the Internet. Like in real life, you’re constantly tripping over them.

(via Google)

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