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Tom Holland Drunkenly Pleading for Spider-Man to Stay in the MCU Is a Mood

Tom Holland at the premiere of Spider-Man: Far From Home

Tom Holland was going to be fine whether or not Spider-Man stayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that doesn’t mean that the young star wanted him out. On Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his latest film, Spies in Disguise with Will Smith, he talked about the “truth” behind Disney CEO Bob Iger’s rumor that Holland was the reason that Sony and Disney worked out a way to keep Spidey in the MCU.

First of all, Holland was at Trivia Night with his family when Iger called him for their chat, so that’s fun in itself, but more importantly, he openly admits to weeping over the idea of not being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore—a mood, if you will.

The interview, while a bit long, is a beautiful look at why so many of us love Tom Holland. Telling stories about his family, talking about working with the Russo brothers again, and more, Holland clearly loves what he’s doing and is willing to put in the work to get further in his career. I’ll even forgive him for saying that he likes the Cleveland Browns now because of the Russo Brothers. (I’m from Pittsburgh. I can’t take this blasphemy, but it’s okay; he doesn’t know any better.)

But what’s most interesting about the interview is that a) Holland is working on his own production company with his brother Harry and b) Harry and Tom Holland have an interesting writing technique where they just fight instead of writing. Again, another mood.

Holland, who has spent the last two months in Cleveland filming Cherry with Joe and Anthony Russo, also gave us a bit of a look into that movie. Focused on a veteran who has come home, the film also apparently has him struggling with a drug addiction. It’s quite the departure from the young boy we see embody Peter Parker, but then again, it will make an interesting transition for The Devil All the Time, where Holland plays Arvin Russell, a boy whose father was willing to go to any lengths to save his mother before leaving his son behind. (A great book to read if you have a moment.)

Even with all this information, the sweetest thing is still that he loves playing Peter Parker, seemingly, most of all. There’s a beloved quality to Spider-Man, and whether that’s because we grew up loving him or because we just discovered the lovability of the character, many of us want to protect him, and it seems as if Tom Holland is part of that company. His dedication to the “superhero thing” and his career as a whole is exciting to watch, and I, personally, can’t wait to see where he takes Peter Parker as well as where the rest of the films he’s working on take him.

Anyway …

Tom Holland on Kimmel

(image: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

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