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The Delightful Joy of Tom Holland’s Massive Marvel Pub Quiz


Peter Parker looking confused, trying to figure things out in Marvel and Sony's Spider-Man: Far From Home

Honestly, we shouldn’t have been surprised the Massive Marvel Pub Quiz was a bit of a mess, but then, Tom Holland kicked it off by being really sweet, pointing out that he tried to do the right thing for fans who are hard of hearing, and then promptly showed us that he didn’t think about how mirror imaging works, so none of the questions could be read. It was a wild time for all.

Meant to distract everyone for a little while, Tom Holland (along with his charity, The Brother’s Trust) decided to kick of a Massive Marvel Pub Quiz and got distracted and missed what number we were on and skipped questions, but … whatever. It was fun! That’s not surprising, considering Holland’s well documented pub quiz tendency.

Look, at one point Tom Holland just started requesting to go live with fans out of nowhere, and we got shots of dark rooms, two dogs, and a definitely naked couple—not to mention Holland catching up with some of his Billy Elliot cast mates. (A moment that was definitely for just me. Billy Elliot hive for LIFE.)

Overall, the quiz was just some random Marvel trivia, a few bits from the comics (like who Quiksilver’s father is), and then Tom Holland completely forgetting the numbers of the questions he was asking and never repeating a question. As someone who likes trivia, it was utterly impossible, but still probably the most fun I’ve had since going into quarantine.

And that’s really the point. It was a fun way to raise money (Tom Holland brought up the shirt he was wearing and how the proceeds go to charity along with the dog collars they have available in their shop), and it was a fun thing to distract us for a little while. We’re all so set in the mindset of “we’re stuck inside and we can’t go out” that we forget how fun things like this can be to distract us.

Hopefully, there are more quizzes like this (and hopefully Tom Holland can label the questions by number so we know what question is what) but alas, there is no news of such a thing at this point. I got like 28 out of 31 questions right, and the only reason I got three wrong were because I forgot about the “r” in JARVIS, so I’m calling it a win.

You can see the entire quiz here on Tom Holland’s Instagram page:


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Did you join in? Win the entire thing? Let us know how you did in the Massive Marvel Pub Quiz in the comments below!

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