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A Magic (the Gathering) Binder Full of Women

If you missed the presidential debate a couple of days ago, and also somehow avoided all social media platforms, and also didn’t talk to a single American human soul, you might have missed Mitt Romney’s instantly infamous quote regarding a “binder full of women.” The unfortunately-worded quote was in response to a question regarding fixing the inequalities in the workplace. Romney attempted to display his equality ideals by noting that he specifically went looking for women to fill seats in his Cabinet when he became the governor of Massachusetts. Unfortunately, the words he used were amusing, and the meme caught on. This is our favorite iteration of the meme, Magic Binder Full of Women, because we all still have our binders full of Magic and other various trading cards sitting at the bottom of our closets.

Whether or not Romney’s claim about binders full of women is actually true, we can all thank him for sparking such a wonderful joke with our favorite CCG. Now, we just wonder what composes this set’s Power Nine?

[geekovision id=151]

To check out more topical MtG humor, head on over to this tumblr, where you can also submit your own creations.

(via Magic Binder Full of Women)

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