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Titanic 2 Trailer: WHY?

How could this movie possibly be entertaining? If you use the phrase “history is repeating itself” in a trailer for a movie about the Titanic, where does your suspense lie? What element of the plot of this film am I supposed to care about while I watch the film if I can already tell you the entire plot right now? Will there be some Shyamalan twist to make this actually a worthwhile concept? In what world would anyone think it was at all smart or tactful to name a ship Titanic II?

These questions and many, many more seem to have only the most painful of answers based on the trailer below. I mean, I don’t usually get outright angry at a movie for looking like it’ll be terrible, but this is just outrageous, with an emphasis on the outrage. You take a movie that’s been done to death, and is getting an undeserved 3D rerelease anyway, and you make a worse version of the exact same movie!

OK, well, there’s an interview you can listen to where director Shane Van Dyke explains his intentions with the sub-million-dollar budget film. And by “explains his intentions,” I mean he makes the movie sound even more terrible than it already looks. At least it’s straight-to-DVD.

Now that I’ve made this sound super appealing and worth watching, here’s the actual trailer:

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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