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Teen Girls Use Math to Prove Once & For All That Jack Could Have Fit on That Door With Rose

Don't @ me.

It's been twenty years this month since Titanic was released in theaters, which means fans have spent two full decades arguing over whether or not Jack had to die, because from where we were all sitting, that door Rose floats on, saving her life, looked to have a whole lot of room left over.

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You Wanna Talk “Male Hollywood Doing the Same Old Thing” James Cameron? OK, Let’s Talk

You've already heard about Patty Jenkins' response to James Cameron's criticism of Wonder Woman, but I'd really like to delve. Because looking closely at some of the things Cameron actually said about Jenkins' film, his own films, and "strong independent women," one realizes that Cameron is looking so closely into the mirror that it's obscuring what he sees.

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Things We Saw Today: Ethereal Empress of Flawless Vocals and Fluffy Sleeves Celine Dion Delivers Stunning Titanic Tribute

It's been nearly 20 years and we've never fully let go of the game-changing blockbuster that is Titanic or its equally epic theme sung by literal goddess Celine Dion.

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Things We Saw Today: Parents Are Naming Their Children After Kylo Ren

Uh, maybe "Ben" might have saved the kid some future grief?

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James Cameron Calls Trump Adminsitration “Insane,” Defends Titanic Door Scene, and Says Oscars Are Biased Against Blockbusters

Basically, he had a lot to say about a lot of things.

The man behind Aliens as well as the Terminator and Avatar franchises, is sharing his thoughts about Donald Trump's current administration, Titanic's infamous door scene and more.

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The 9 Very Best Fictional Fashion Looks: Formal Dress Edition

My favorite foo-foo dresses I wish I had a reason to wear.

Whether the dress is costume-y or fashion, I truly love dressing up. I respect those who don't, and would never be a jerk about it, but I have a closet of lovely things and nowhere to go, you guys! Since I was a kid, I've mentally curated an imaginary "list" of my top favorite dresses from movies. Some of them made the list for my previous article about fictional fashion, and some belong here, in my top favorite dresses I wish I had somewhere to wear.

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Star Wars: Episode VIII Photo Leaks Reveal Tuxedo-Clad Aliens Aboard the Titanic (or Something)

The latest batch of photo leaks from fans/spies on the Star Wars: Episode VIII set reveal more about those tuxedo-clad aliens we saw in the last set of leaked photos.

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Titanic II to Set Sail in 2018, Because Tempting Fate Just Seems Too Good to Resist

Get ready to never let go again.

Deciding that tempting fate sounded like a good way to blow millions upon millions of dollars, Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has been hard at work creating a replica of the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio-killer, the Titanic.

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Things We Saw Today: Valiant’s Faith #1 Is a Record-Breaking Success

Part 1 of Valiant's four-part miniseries, Faith, has been smashing expectations! A third printing of Faith #1 will be available in comic stores with Faith #2 on the 24th--that's the fastest third print run in comic history.

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Here Are All the Netflix Titles Coming and Going in August

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Netflix has released a list of titles slated to make their appearance/disappearance on the streaming service in August. Plan the rest of your summer accordingly.

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Titanic, Aliens, and Amazing Spider-Man Composer James Horner Killed in Plane Crash

James Horner, the Hollywood composer who left his epic mark on films like Titanic, Braveheart, and Jumanji, passed away near Santa Barbara yesterday when a small plane he was piloting crashed.

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New Study Shows “Exceptional” And Increasing Trend Caused Sinking Of Titanic

This relates to my own paper, How many people can fit on a door: more than one, you lunkheads.

A new paper published today in Significance says that human hubris may not be as wholly responsible for the Titanic disaster as previously thought--and no, that doesn't mean an alien time traveler is to blame. Probably.

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Catching Fire And Frozen Very Close To 2 Big Box Office Milestones

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Is it the braids? I think it's the braids.

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Room for One More? Mythbusters Prove Leonardo DiCaprio Could Fit On the Raft In Titanic

The ending of the movie Titanic has been a cinematic bone of contention for the ages. Relationships have been shattered and children disowned as a result of the senseless bickering between the two camps --  folks who take Cameron at his word that the wardrobe door could not have preserved the lives of both star-crossed lovers, and other people (yours truly included) who have always believed that there was pretty clearly room for two people, and the whole ending was a piece of idiocy that ruined an otherwise excellent film. Thanks to the Mythbusters crew, we can now shorten the title of the second camp -- you can just refer to us as "the people who were right." Want proof that both Jack and Rose could have lived to see another day, bet married, and probably grow sick of one another in due time? Let's go to the tape.

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Science Beats James Cameron: Titanic’s Death Scene Officially Mythbusted

and let it be known

Annoyed movie-goers (and director James Cameron) have argued this one for years but we can finally put it to rest. The Mythbusters crew (Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman) tried to figure out if Titanic's Rose and Jack could both have survived. Cameron may think he had the last word but I think that's best left to this guy. (via MTV) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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James Cameron Sinks Our Ship (Or, At Least, Our AU)

I Guess I Can't Argue With That

Yeah, we all think about this stuff too much James Cameron doesn't care what you think. It's one of the many privileges of having made billions of dollars. But even mega movie tyrants can get sick of myths that float around the internet. Especially if they have to do with Titanic. In response to the long-standing theory explored by a Reddit user that Jack could have easily fit onto that door with Rose (don't pretend like you don't know what we're talking about), Cameron has gone on the record stating that it's not a question of space, but a question of buoyancy.

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Special Effects and the Art of Having Your Brain Fooled

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

For those of us who love the fantastical in our movies, special effects are of crucial importance. Even if a movie's genre doesn't fall within the sci-fi or fantasy arena, there's always room for a little trickery of the senses. Special effects mastro Rob Legato does this for a living, and he recently gave a TED Talk about the ways in which he manipulates what people notice versus what they see when creating the visual effects in movies like Apollo 13, Titanic, and Hugo. (via Mental Floss)

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Take a Look at Some Awesome Stuntwomen From Throughout the Years

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

There are a lot of people in the entertainment industry who don't get the recognition they deserve: CGI actors, crafts services, janitors, third assistant directors, the list goes on and on. On that list, alongside all the script supervisors but put in vastly more physical danger are the stuntpeople. They may not get to make the speeches at the Golden Globes, but we see the efforts of their work in every action and superhero movie and TV show we watch, and in plenty of other places as well. Flavorwire put together a great (and thorough) slideshow of actor and their stunt doubles, but let's take a look at some of the ladies behind our favorite ladies:

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Billionaire Plans to Build a Titanic Replica, Don’t Tell Him It’s Been Done

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer made his money in mining and is now looking to come out of the ground and head to the open seas by building an exact replica of the ill-fated ocean liner Titanic. Despite this exact scenario being the underlying folly in numerous works of fiction, it completely ignores the fact that the Titanic already had two sequels: Its sister ships Olympic and Britannic.

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Things We Saw Today: A Man Wearing A TARDIS Suit

Things We Saw Today

We've seen our fair share of women donning TARDIS dresses but I think this is the first time I've seen a man dressed up as a fancy dress TARDIS. Well, it happened this weekend at C2E2 in Chicago. (via Kate Kotler

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