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Ant-Man‘s Honest Trailer Lampshades All the Iron Man Similarities

Ant-Man was around when I started to tire of the patterns in the Marvel movie formula — and here’s the Honest Trailers take on that exact problem. Screen Junkies’ classic voiceover points out several cracks in the armor, notably the weird parallels between the structure of Ant-Man and the first Iron Man movie.

I didn’t even notice that similarity when I watched Ant-Man, probably because I was too busy feeling annoyed that the Wasp didn’t get to do anything in the movie, even though she was demonstrably more competent than Scott, Paul Rudd’s character. If Rudd weren’t such an affable charm machine, that trick wouldn’t have worked! So, good on Marvel for figuring out that they should cast comedians in “everyman” roles. It’ll definitely distract people from wondering why all those interesting side characters didn’t get to stay on screen for very long.

This video’s funny as usual, but I do wish Honest Trailers hadn’t pulled quite so many punches when it comes to how often the other characters in Ant-Man get sidelined in favor of Scott and Pym’s dad-driven motivations. There’s a lot more meat left on the bone when it comes to mocking Ant-Man, if you ask me — this is just the beginning!

(via Geek Tyrant)

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