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Show The World How Much You Love Dogs With The Jupiter Ascending Three Wolf Moon Shirt

Maybe one of them will get bionic wings and then be your boyfriend!


Despite making no sense nor any money at the box office, Jupiter Ascending has become the ridiculous space opera darling of geeky women all over the Internet. And you know what that means—so much fanart. Case in point, this little piece of goddamn meme-based brilliance you can find on Society6 in a variety of different styles. Someone get me a V-neck one immediately.

Bonus! Stefanie Motherlando, the artist behind the shirt, also has some other great stuff for sale. Like this Winter Soldier art print, for example:


Such a perfect job capturing Steve Rogers’ Dorito body, and also his super progressive Brooklyn art student politics. There’s a lot of really great art where that came from, especially if you’re a Supernatural fan, so go check her work out!

(via Topless Robot)

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