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Thoros and Relative Dimension in Space: Game of Thrones‘s Paul Kaye Joins Doctor Who In Guest Role

Maybe he'll play an alien from Raxa-R'hllor-ricofallapatorius.


Now if by some miracle Arthur Darvill ever comes back to the show as Rory Williams, they’ll now have somebody who can bring him back to life over and over again without any trouble. Praise be to the Lord of Light!

In a delightful bit of nerd franchise synergy, the Red Priest of Myr from the third season of HBO’s hit fantasy series will join the time-honored British tradition of being in an episode of Doctor Who. Actor Paul Kaye will appear in a Season 9 episode entitled, “The Magician’s Apprentice,” (which was teased at the end of the Christmas Special) and his character’s name is… Prentis. So, I can only imagine he’ll be playing second fiddle to a character named Gician. That’s how that works.

Kaye first achieved stardom in 1995 for his portrayal of Dennis Pennis, a celebrity interviewer who basically did Ali G before Ali G existed (although, Sasha Baron Cohen later poached one of his joke writers for The Ali G show). He has also recently appeared on Being Human and Netflix’s LilyHammer, and will play Vinculus in the upcoming Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.

Was writing this an excuse to make a bunch of very specific Game of Thrones/Doctor Who crossover jokes? Oh, most definitely. Got any of your own, friends?

(via Digital Spy)

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