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Good News Tumblr, Thor: The Dark World Can’t Get Enough of Loki Either, Hiddleston Filming More

old gods do new jobs

More and more recently, it seems as if Thor: The Dark World is really about Loki. Between his new hairdo and the slap he receives, the fan favorite caught the majority of the attention, at least on the internet, when each of the new trailers came out. Disney’s D23 Expo has only brought more news of Tom Hiddleston and the trickster god he’s famous for portraying. Hiddleston himself seems to be enjoying the filming, and director Alan Taylor and company seem to want more Loki as well. Taylor is apparently adding multiple scenes to the film, which comes out on November 8, and many of the new scenes feature Loki.

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At the D23 Expo, both Hiddleston and Portman, as well as Taylor, were on hand to share news of the impending Marvel blockbuster, discuss the shooting locations, and share the news that more Loki is in our future. While on stage, the group shared their experiences working in London and Greenwich, both of which are quite familiar to the London-born Hiddleston. Of the location, which the trailers suggest gets somewhat destroyed, Hiddleston said,

Greenwich didn’t do anything to me, I just know it’s just a beautiful place. My sister went to college there, which is a little-known fact. It was nice to be in London, truly. Because I feel like London’s a different location in a way because in the first film, the Earth stuff is all set in New Mexico and Avengers was New York …they really seemed to get London right. There were genuine officious traffic wardens and people speaking the way they should. I think there’s a lot of mileage for the comedy of that… I feel very proud that the Brits provided on that front.

Meanwhile, director Alan Taylor, who is know for some fairly violent work, also talked about the destruction in the movie, and how we could be seeing some prominent characters lose their lives. Via Empire Online:

I realized recently that I am the grim reaper… I killed Ned Stark on Thrones…. Caesar in Rome, Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood and Christopher in The Sopranos…. I’m surprised Thor survived this one. There are a few people who don’t make it out alive here. There could be some surprises!

Later in the D23 presentation, Taylor also admitted,

I picked Greenwich. And I’ll tell you why: I knew our final act was going to be chaotic battle, so I loved the idea of picking a formal setting to stage the chaos. We got to go into the Painted Hall and explode it.

Given all the hints at surprise destruction, and Taylor’s reputation, could we see a certain fan favorite die? After all, Loki won’t show up in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Well, there is nothing to indicate that Loki will die, at this point, so Hiddleston fans can breate a little easier. Plus, the movie is still adding scenes for the horned villain. According to Taylor, in an interview with Collider, the team working on the film has been “adding scenes, creating scenes, writing scenes for the first time,” many for Thor’s mischievous brother. Pick up shots were recently shot in Manhattan Beach, Florida with Hiddleston, and Taylor says that at this point, the goal is simply to improve the film. Via Collider:

The changes right now have nothing to do with running time. There are pushes and shoves. We have relationships that we need to end the right way…

It looks like the film will be completed soon, and Taylor will have to release the footage to the effects team even sooner, but the film will undoubtedly be ready for us by November 8, now with more Loki!

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