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Thor Costume Concept Art Revealed

Hot on the heels of Ain’t It Cool‘s Captain America costume scoop, Collider has gotten ahold of leaked — or is that ‘leaked’? — Thor concept art for the upcoming Thor movie, complete with Chris Hemsworth mocked up in costume.

It seems to match up with the official shot released by Marvel last month, from which boots, cape length, and glowing hammer Mjolner were undiscernable:

Lastly, compare to comic book Thor: (via ThinkHero)

What do you think? My feelings are mixed: On the one hand, Thor’s armor looks pretty faithful, and I am heartened to see that the Thor folks decided to go with black in response to the all-important question, “should Thor wear black or yellow boots?” On the other hand, the glowing blue hammer looks a bit cheesy. And while the concept art may have been made to highlight Chris Hemsworth’s rugged yet sensitive features, I, for one, am hoping for a significant dose of winged helmet onscreen.

(via Collider)

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