Captain America Movie Costume: And then there Were Pictures, and they Were Good

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A few days ago, fanboys and fangirls across the Internet got very excited by a words-only description of Captain America‘s costume in the upcoming Joe Johnston movie of the same name, courtesy of, which got an exclusive look at “one of the approved costume tests.” This led to a flurry of fan-designed costumes based on the description, some of which seemed more accurate than others.

Well, Ain’t It Cool News got their hands on some illustrations which claimed to be the real thing, and JoBlo’s Mike Sampson confirmed that they were the pictures he saw. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these will be exactly what we’ll see onscreen when Captain America hits theaters in 2011 — this is a costume test, not the final thing. And we have yet to see Cap’s second costume from the film, which Sampson describes as “a costume designed by the Army for his initial USO appearances that’s slightly more flashy and a nod to the original design.” Still, we’re definitely fans of the test costumes, which convey retro cool without being too fussily historical.

Two more pics after the jump:

See the costumes fully-sized at Ain’t it Cool News.

(Ain’t it Cool News via I Watch Stuff)

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