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This TikTok Video Shows the Life Mobius Could Have Had

He's so hot right now.

Fans of Disney’s Loki series came for the titular god of mischief. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) himself has been great on the show, but many fans also fell in love with Mobius. The TVA agent has gone from a strict company man who had an obsession with jet skis to being a guy who will sacrifice his skin for Loki. Their friendship blossomed over season one and changed both characters for the better.

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In season 2, Loki and Mobius can’t seem to get enough of each other. They are constantly touching and we all loved their little quiet moment eating pie to calm down after a rough interrogation. During the interrogation of X-5 (now known as Brad), the former agent talked about how much he enjoys his new life on the timeline. As we learned last season, all the agents at the TVA were once normal people on the timeline living their lives. Over their key lime pie, Loki asked Mobius if he ever wanted to see what his life could have been. Mobius says he never wants to know what his life was. He’s worried he wouldn’t be able to handle it if his life was a really good one.

In another life…

One reason fans love Mobius M. Mobius so much is because he is played by the eternally charming Owen Wilson. He just has to say “Wow” and we’re in. I know I’m not the only one who will watch a movie just because he’s in it, even if the rest of the film looks terrible. On TikTok, user @a_white_tulip, created a video that gives us a glimpse of Mobius’s former life by using one of Wilson’s iconic roles. A still image at the top of the screen shows X-5/Brad saying, “Do you know what kind of life you might have left behind?” while Mobius stands there with a serious look. Underneath is a mashup of clips from Zoolander.

In case you haven’t seen Zoolander (which you should watch immediately if you haven’t), Wilson plays a male supermodel named Hansel who is the hottest thing around. So this version of Mobius would have been strutting runways and pouting at cameras. Possibly even riding jet skis. With his modeling money and fame, the possibilities are endless. I especially love this video because I enjoy creating backstories of fictional characters based on other roles the actor has played. For example, Andrew Lincoln starred in both British romcom Love, Actually and AMC’s The Walking Dead. I like to believe it is the same character who left England brokenhearted and started his life anew as a sheriff in a small Georgia town. So it makes perfect sense that Hansel and Mobius could be the same person. Mobius sure works that TVA suit.

It remains to be seen if Loki will show Mobius’s life in a different reality, besides just jet skiing with Loki behind him. At least we have Zoolander to see what might have been.

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