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This Commercial About Teaching Girls Science Has No Right Making Us Feel These Feelings

No, I'm not crying. I just have something stuck in my... um, soul.

Verizon’s new #InspireHerMind campaign wants to point out the importance of teaching young girls about STEM. To do that, they put out this commercial about how deeply ingrained gender expectations influence the way we┬áraise our children, which in turn influences what they become interested in when they grow up–and not necessarily for the better. Geez, Verizon, heartbreaking much?

While I’m not sure that I’m all that happy with the big sad ~reveal~ of the commercial (lipgloss doesn’t always have to be the villain, guys!), the message is definitely worth examining. As it says at the end of the video, 66% of fourth grade girls say they like science and math, but only 18% of college-aged women end up majoring in STEM programs. One commercial might not be able to bridge that gap, but the more we talk about it, hopefully the more we’ll be able to overcome it as a community.

The Verizon #InspireHerMind site has some suggestions for ways to get your kids into science and math, if you’re so inclined. Which, you know, you should be. Science is awesome.

(via Katie Schenkel on Twitter)

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