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This Adam Driver Movie Gets Wilder and Wilder the More You Learn About It

Adam Driver is back in space—but he's not fighting the Sith.

Adam Driver in '65' Trailer

The trailer just dropped for 65, a movie I had heard nothing about until now—but now I can’t wait to see. The names attached to the film are an eclectic combination, starring Adam Driver in the action lead, written by the people behind A Quiet Place, and produced by horror icon Sam Raimi.

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It’s certainly got the credentials to make a great movie, but here comes the kicker, which the trailer doesn’t shy away from showing you head-on: space dinosaurs. Yes, you read that right.

Adam Driver’s character, alongside Ariana Greenblatt (who you might recognize from Disney’s Stuck In The Middle a few years ago), is stranded on an alien planet, 65 million light-years from Earth. While exploring the planet, armed with space guns and some brooding looks, the pair encounter a blast from their home planet’s past: dinosaurs.

In a Jurassic Park-esque shot, we can see that one of the beasts that Driver and Greennblatt will need to face is none other than a T-Rex. Other smaller dinos chase them throughout the trailer, in a style that could be the love child of Alien and Jurassic Park.

T-Rex in '65'
(Sony Pictures Entertainment)

From there, as you can imagine, chaos ensues—and I, for one, cannot wait to see it in theaters. In the words of the Doctor, it’s dinosaurs! In space! Driver is the perfect combination of brooding emotional guy and ass-kicking action guy to make this work, as it seems implied that he and Greenblatt will have some form of heartwarming, adoptive father relationship that I’m a sucker for (hello Mando/Grogu fans).

65 is due for a theatrical release on March 10, 2023, in a rarity for action/sci-fi films nowadays that seem to head straight to streaming platforms. If I’m going to watch Adam Driver bond with a teenager while fighting dinosaurs, you best believe I want to see it go down on the big screen.

(featured image: Sony Pictures Entertainment)

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