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Make Your Geek Dream A Geek Reality With ThinkGeek’s IdeaFactory

Have you ever had an idea that keeps you up at night because it’s just that awesome? Have you ever seen the next big thing in geekdom so clearly in your head that you could reach out and touch it? Have you ever wanted to have some amount of money? Well, you’re in luck. GeekLabs, the R&D team behind the wonderfully nerdtastic webshop, ThinkGeek, is launching a shiny new project to help average everyday geeks realize their visions of a hot new product. It’s called the IdeaFactory, and it’ll take your idea and make a real life product out of it. Learn all about it after the jump.

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All you need is a dream, a written description of said dream, and a diagram of the twice-mentioned dream to enter into the ThinkGeek IdeaFactory. The fine folks over at GeekLabs will review your idea over a few cups of coffee and a scone, think it over good and hard, and then make your idea a real life product that you can really touch and stick in your nose and stuff. As if that wasn’t good enough, if your idea is selected, ThinkGeek will give you $1,000 up front and 10% of the product’s retail sales. Neat, huh?

You might be saying, “Only 10%? Really?” You just need to think outside of the box. I already know what I’m submitting: A machine that automatically regulates its sales price, increasing and decreasing according to supply and demand. As supply goes up, the machines will automatically hack into the ThinkGeek mainframe and lower its price. People will buy more machines because the prices are so low; I’ll make millions! As demand goes up, some of the machines will self destruct, driving the prices of the remaining machines through the roof. People will be clambering over one another to get their hands on the machines because there are so few; I’ll make millions! See? Right there, I have 2 million dollars! This plan is based on nearly 4 minutes of research into economic theory and market tendencies at the University of Yahoo Answers. 10% doesn’t look so little anymore, does it?

So submit your ideas to the IdeaFactory here! That is, of course, if you think you can beat out the Economitron 7000 (patent pending).

(via The Next Web)

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