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Things We Saw Today: Would You Eat at a TARDIS Cafe? OF COURSE YOU WOULD

Things We Saw Today

You can just tell it’s bigger on the inside. (At Neatorama)

Even Jim Lee, DC Comics Co-Publisher and artist, is feeling fatigue about this whole Wonder Woman’s Pants thing. Or maybe he’s pretending that Wonder Woman is tired of it? (At Comics Alliance)

And I’ll just leave this here without comment…(At Diary of a Death Starlette)

This is a Dragon Ball Z Homer Simpson. He is holding a Dragonball Doughnut. Win. (At Comics Alliance)

The winner of the Philips Parallel Lines: Tell It Your Way film contest (selected by Ridley Scott) is the short film below. The challenge gave contestants three minutes to use all of this dialogue:

What’s That?
It’s a Unicorn
Never seen one up close before
Get away, get away
I’m sorry.

We’d say they pulled it off absurdly beautifully. (At The High Definite)

A young man named Sawyer Rosenstein, who was paralyzed by a bully when he was 12 years old wrote this wonderful essay about going to space camp and his adventures at the Kennedy Space Center. It is called “Don’t Tell Me the Sky is the Limit When There are Footprints on the Moon.”

I realized that there was still a whole world out there, and that one event, even an event this significant and painful, should not ruin my life. I wanted to be someone who never says never, and gets up when he is down. This is what has got me through life, and to where I am today.

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