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Things We Saw Today: Wonder Woman Conquers the World

Things We Saw Today

Hell yeah, she did. (At DC Women Kicking Ass)

On the subject of history, here is Snow White, wearing what would have been a historically-accurate dress of her time. Drawing by Claire Hummel. (At Comic Book Resources)

Because if there’s any one place you want to feel self-conscious about having too many ribs, it’s the bedroom. File these Marvel-inspired pajamas under “Thanks, but no thanks … maybe.” [Susana: But… I kind of want the She-Hulk one…] (At Bleeding Cool)

George Lucas‘ new office building for Lucasfilm Animation is going to look like a sandcrawler. Brings new meaning to the term “office drone,” amirite? (At Blastr)

Speaking of Star Wars … uhhh, this says “Yub nub.” In blood. Above a mean-looking ewok. At least he’s only ink. (Dorkly via Geeks Are Sexy)

[Susana: She-Hulk! She’s brains and brawn!] (By John Allison)

Some couples release butterflies. Some light a unity volcano. (At Offbeat Bride)

Iconic representations of every space mission since Yuri Gagarin‘s pioneering flight 50 years ago. This is available on a t-shirt at Chop Shop. (At Laughing Squid)

The Chilean Miner Rescue — depicted in marshmallow Peeps. (At Neatorama)

Angry Peeps. Don’t call them “sweet.” (At That’s Nerdalicious)

And, last but not least, a French bulldog. Dancing. (At The Hairpin)

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