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Things We Saw Today: William Shatner, Dressed As a Ghostbuster

Things We Saw Today

Seriously, don’t ask questions or bother overthinking this. Just enjoy it for what it is: William Shatner. With a proton pack. And what appears to be a Members Only jacket. (via Blastr)

Actually, we saw that picture on Friday, but we wanted (okay, I wanted) to save it for Monday to make the post-holiday work day a little happier. Because we also saw this on Friday: Mythbuster Grant Imahara, standing in front of a TARDIS, dressed like the 10th Doctor, holding a sonic screwdriver … and a puppy. And I’m dead. (via Quantum Mechanix on Twitter)

In related news, here is a TARDIS sock monkey, created by Craftster user kwiltykate. (via Global Geek News)

We’re going to guess that Scarlett Johansson spent at least a small part of her day on the phone with some kind of lawyer, because a sex shop in California is using her image to sell anal beads. (via The Frisky)

  • Did you hear that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram for a billion dollars? You probably saw someone complaining about it on Twitter! (via All Things D)
  • Guess what, Veronica Mars fans? SOAPnet is adding the show to their daily dinnertime lineup! Starting April 16, you will be able to catch the culty show from 5:00 to 7:00 PM every weeknight. But before that, on April 15, tune in for an 11-hour marathon of the show starting at 8:00 AM! Oh, it’s a Tax Day miracle! (via USA Today)
  • Roberto Orci just made an Ender’s Game announcement on Twitter: It has a release date, November 1, 2013!

    The Kickstarter campaign for Malcolm Harris‘ girl-focused RPG Witch Girls: Book of Shadows, has almost reached its goal of $2,000! You have 30 more days to help push it over the top (and then some)! If you need any more convincing, there’s a unicorn in it! A unicorn!

  • io9 has a definitive guide on why, exactly, everyone is so into Snow White right now.
  • Soooooo … Beyonce, the mother of Blue Ivy™, is on Tumblr now, and dressed up like Spider-Man. Because no one will stop her if she wants to do either of those things. (via Fashionably Geek)

    Nedroid Fun Times has the following thoughts about how Slimer works:

    Slimer is incorporeal and he covers every surface he “touches” with slime
    So when he passes through Peter Venkman
    What if all the open spaces in Peter’s body are just filled with slime
    And Peter is just full of slime
    Who slimes the slimer

    Well, there goes the rest of my evening.

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