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Things We Saw Today: When Batman and Math Meet

Things We Saw Today

For all you math people out there, there is this. (At Diary of a Death Starlette)

So…Many….Fords…. (At National Post)

  • Megan Marie, who works at Crystal Dynamics, received this question on her Tumblr:

Is it hard for you to know that your cosplay art makes you a fetish object in the eyes of countless dudes, and yet you still want to be taken seriously as a professional in game development and as a woman with strong views on gaming? Do you ever feel like you’ll have to choose?

Her answer is quite thoughtful. You should read it.

3D, polyhedral dice. With skulls on them. (At Boing Boing)

  • Craig Kilborn, former Daily Show host, will be joining Mark Hammil as one of the two mysterious new villains on the upcoming (and final) season of Chuck. (At Splitsider)
  • This is a really interesting article on the Shepard “Beauty Contest” controversy. (At Richard Corbett)

REALLY?! Really, Jason Momoa, you said that? In public??? At all????

You may have hidden in your coat afterward, but you still said it.

Thanks to tipster Francesca, for pointing us to this video.

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