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Things We Saw Today: U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Celebrates Their Victory Against France

Things We Saw Today

Congrats, ladies! (via The New York Times.)

  • Check out this excellent explanation as to why DC and Marvel will never target female readers. (via Comics Beat.)
  • Sci-Fi author and self-appointing geek judge John Scalzi responds to Joe Peacock’s ridiculous tirade against “fake geeks.” (via Whatever.)

Could you eat this cute little Totoro cream puff without feeling bad? Look at its cute little nose! (via Kotaku.)

  • A 15-year-old teen girl was appointed mayor for the day in a West Bank town in an effort to support youth interest in state institutions. (via Albawaba.)
  • Some guy’s mother previewed the trailers for this year’s biggest game releases. Her thoughts on Call of Duty: Black Ops II?“You kill people! No wonder our country’s gone to pot.” (via Kotaku.)

If you’re going to have a Totoro cream puff, why not have a cup of tea made with this TARDIS tea infuser to go along with it? (via That’s Nerdalicious.)

  • Grant Morrison is stepping down from Superhero Comics to work on creator-owned work for Image, Vertigo and other publishers. (via Comic Book.)
  • British Olympic weightlifter Zoe Smith sets a Twitter bigot straight and lets him know that, shockingly, women don’t compete in professional sports for the sole benefit of men. (via Yahoo Sports.)

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