Things We Saw Today: New Images From The Adventures of Tintin

Things We Saw Today
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Spinoff Online has a slew of new images from The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, so we thought we’d go ahead and tell you about them.

  • In a happy ending to an ongoing story, the man accused of stealing over $5,000 worth of collectibles from Illinois resident Mike Meyer — including valuable Superman comics — has been arrested and charged. Gerry A. Armbruster was connected to this crime after being caught attempting another robbery on another person. The crime got the attention of several notable people connected with Superman, and others donated their own collectibles to help rebuild Meyer’s collection. But fortunately, all of his stolen property was returned. Meyer has said he’ll donate the other items to a children’s hospital. (via Newsarama)
  • The woman below can kill you without your ever knowing you were a target. Her name is Lyudmila Pavelchenko, and she was a Soviet sniper during World War II. She passed on the opportunity to be a nurse because she was much better at shooting people, thankyouverymuch. (at F*Ck Yeah History Crushes via AnimateHer)

    Here is that Beast of Aaarrrgghh hat you knew had to exist somewhere! (at I Heart Chaos)

  • This man (Yashar) would like you to know that no, it’s not cool to write off “female behavior” as being “sensitive,” “defensive,” “crazy,” or any of those other defeating excuses they make for our reactions when they are being morons. (at The Current Conscience)
  • Imagine finding a baby octopus at the bottom of your mug … awww, it’s actually cute and not at all slimy! (at Neatorama)

    And these dogs should have talked it out first. (at BuzzFeed)

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