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Things We Saw Today: The Super Moon

Things We Saw Today


This is a shot of the “super full moon” taken in Brisbane, Australia. Visit BuzzFeed for 49 more gorgeous photos.

This Batman statue, inspired by the design for Batman: Arkham Asylum, is being reissued in August after selling out quickly in 2010. (At Elder Geek)

I’m sure you’ve wondered how Superman would handle being eaten by a dinosaur. (From Power Girl #22 via  1979 Semi-Finalist)

Oh, Internet. Look what you’ve done to real life. (At The Daily What)

Dictionary Girl will not teach you syntax, but she will fight off inaccuracy with etymology! No dictionaries were harmed in the construction of this sentence. (By Stevie Schafer via I Heart Chaos)

This XBox console might be a witch! It floats, and you can build a bridge out of it! (At Bit Rebels)

And for us old skool Atari lovers: A Space Invaders poster. Four more righteous geek posters at GeekSugar.

Something tells me this is a more practical superhero costume than the Wonder Woman garb we saw earlier this week. (Yup — no heels on this one!) (At DeviantART via Geeks Are Sexy)

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