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Things We Saw Today: The Iron Maiden

Things We Saw Today


By digital artist SgtHK, this is just concept art, but we can dream (that Pepper Potts is inside of this). (via Obvious Winner)

In case you come across an ichthyophobic purse snatcher, here is your first line of defense. Available at ASOS. (via The Frisky)

The Enterprise talking to The Sovereign. It’s canon now. (via James Urbaniak)

  • We can still talk about The Avengers, right? Good, because The Mask of Reason has a piece about why Loki was one of the best things about The Avengers.
  • LucasArts has a new, filth-tastic “grown-ups only” Star Wars video game franchise, Star Wars 1313, which being introdiced at E3. Perfect companion for its smutty, smutty new TV show that may or may not happen! (via The Hollywood Reporter)

    Speaking of movie-inspired video games, Disney Pixar is teaming up with Imangi for a Temple Run: Brave game. This one is probably not as adult-themed as the Star Wars one. (via Tech Crunch)

  • World War Z, based on Max Brooks‘ book and directed by Marc Forster, is getting seven weeks of reshoots. That sounds … not promising. (via Screen Rant)
  • And finally, for those times when your period is planning to stalk and then murder you, there’s o.b. (via Tres Sugar)

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