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Things We Saw Today: The Immediate Effects of the Repeal of DADT

Things We Saw Today

United States Navy Lieutenant Gary Ross and his partner of eleven years Dan Swezy tied the knot in Vermont this morning at 12:01, a minute after the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ensured that Ross would not lose his career for marrying the person he loves. (The Daily What)

We just had to say something about it. Nerdy news after the cut, we promise.

Mike Johnson, co-writer of the New 52’s Supergirl title, says a thing that can’t but pique our interest (DC Women Kicking Ass):

We’re really excited about the opportunity to hand this book to a female reader who is into things like The Hunger Games. This is a strong character with her own point of view.

  • While we’re talking about DC, the comic maker has, since experiencing a lot of backlash about the dearth of women involved in the New 52, stated that exciting news of new projects with women creators and female characters involved in them is on its way. However, that statement was made at the end of July, and this week’s release of December’s lineup does not make good on their statements. While arranging artists takes time, soon DC is going to have to put it’s money where it’s mouth was. (Straightened Circumstances)

Shel Silverstein’s family has released another posthumous collection of work, and according to NPR in a poem called Years From Now he tells readers “I cannot see your face…” but in “some far-off place,” he assures them, “I hear you laughing — and I smile.”

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