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Things We Saw Today: The Hunger Games As a Disney Movie

Things We Saw Today

There she is, the Girl on Fire! io9 has a great collection of fan art gathered from all around the internet of the characters and scenes from The Hunger Games, including this one by DeviantART user Muchacha10. They are awesome and free of spoilers!

  • A PSA if you’ve deleted Facebook photos from your profile: They might still be lurking somewhere on the internet, even after years. (via PC World)
  • If you’re the kind of couple who whispers sweet nothings to each other in Klingon, then you might be interested in Geek Sugar‘s roundup of 14 geek languages.
  • Uggie, the canine star of the Oscar-nominated movie, The Artist, was reported to be retiring from showbiz due to an illness. But it looks like he’s still got some fight left in him: He is officially Nintendo‘s first spokesdog. Uggie will promote the new 3DS version of Nintendogs (and cats)! (via The Daily Blam)

  • FemPop has a great look at the 100% sexist and puritanical censorship codes that were designed to “clean up” the film industry, but were the bane of most actors’ and artists’ existences.
  • Melissa McBride, who plays Carol on AMC‘s The Walking Dead, has dropped a hint that more than one of our survivors might not be a survivor for very much longer. Her quote: “[S]ome people are gonna die.” (via Blastr)
  • This will provide you one half of your Sally Impossible costume this Halloween (or whenevs). By Black Milk, former seller of the amazing Jaws swimsuit. (via Geekologie)

    The total lack of Muppet musical numbers at the Oscars will probably not stop The Muppets music composer (and nominee for “Man or Muppet”) Bret McKenzie from smuggling a Muppet to the ceremony. (via Badass Digest)

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar was not allowed to talk to NY Giants QB (and this year’s MVP and Super Bowl champion — sorry, I’m a serious Giants fan) Eli Manning when both appeared on David Letterman‘s show this week. Despite her plea of “No really, I’m just a big fan,” she must have done something to creep out Manning’s security team. They must know her slayer past, poor girl. (via Page Six)
  • And finally, in case you were wondering why women have to menstruate when it seems to cause us nothing but inconvenience and discomfort, anthropology professor and science blogger Dr. Kate Clancy has some information on that in an interview she conducted on the Skeptically Speaking podcast.
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