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Things We Saw Today: The Grumpy Catbus

Things We Saw Today

Timothy Doyle created this memetic Miyazaki mashup masterpiece for an upcoming Lil Bub gallery show at Spoke Art. (io9)

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  • Porn pirates (that’s people who steal, illegally recopy, and distribute porn DVDs, not whatever you were thinking) in Hull, England were nabbed by the police after customers complained to them about the films’ poor quality. The Frisky says it best: “If you’re going to steal and distribute porn, an art that people are very passionate about, at least take pride in your craftsmanship.”
  • In an interview with The Advocate, Ender’s Game director Gavin Hood spoke out about Orson Scott Card‘s views on same-sex marriage and gay rights: “Orson wrote a book about compassion, and empathy, and yet he himself is struggling to see that his position in real life is really at odds with his art… It is so ironic that the writer of the work that has helped so many [young] people, gay and straight, to find empowerment, to feel empowered, to find their own moral compass — it’s very sad that he, himself, is struggling with these issues.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

These delightfully mismatched Doctor Who heels are by Natalie at Doodlecraft. Head to her blog for instructions on how to make your own. Anybody going to switch up the designs a bit and make some Ood Who shoes?

  • While doing press for The Smurfs 2Paul Reubens had some things to say about Pee-Wee Herman: Namely, a director has been chosen for the third movie (he won’t say who it is), the script and financing are both in place, and a new TV show should be hitting airwaves in 2014. Quoth the star: “Short of something unforeseen like the studio going out of business, I think it’s very likely both these projects will happen next year.” (/Film)

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