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Things We Saw Today: The Harry Potter Edition

Things We Saw Today

Today’s Things We Saw is completely devoted to Harry Potter. Enjoy Kate Beaton‘s Tiny Hermione. (via Ladies Making Comics):

This mother-son team have been reading Harry Potter together since the release of the first book–and taking adorable family pictures along the way. (via OffbeatMama)

This Ms. article talks about gender equity in Quidditch.

With the increasing popularity of Muggle Quidditch, the IQA hopes to challenge the world’s view on gender in sports, as well as to challenge professional sports leagues to modify their gender rules to promote gender equality.

THIS. (via Youtube)

If Harry Potter were a teen show in the 80s it would be the greatest show ever to grace television. (Lucy Knisley via Ladies Making Comments)

It should be noted that one of the main topics of conversation of this, the week our childhood ends, is how insanely hot Matthew Lewis has gotten. And having loved Neville since book one, we are 100% OK with that. (via Best Week Ever)

(All via J.K. Rowling and her followers)

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