Things We Saw Today: Synchronized Swimming is Charmingly Over-the-Top

Things We Saw Today
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The Olympics brings forth a whole lot of really epic photographs–and also some silly ones. In the best of times, they are combinations of the two. The Frisky has a gallery of some of the best shots of Olympic synchronized swimming, and you really need to go look at it. 

  • In some sad news: Mexican icon Chavela Vargas has passed away. She defied stereotypes, was friends with Frida Kahlo, and recorded over 80 albums in her lifetime. It was a life well-lived. (via Hollywood Reporter)
  • Want to learn more about the ladies in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory control room? You know you do. Forbes has a rundown.
  • Kellie Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction were both guests at a comic convention, which led to a news website to lead DeConnick’s bio with “The wife of Matt Fraction.” This is what we call a gaffe. Hilarity and heart-warming solidarity ensue. (By the way, we are also not spouses of Matt Fraction) (via Bleeding Cool)
  • Once again, The Dark Knight Rises dominated the box office this weekend. (via Empire)
  • It used to be that female fans were largely ignored when it came to the production of merchandise for geeky franchises–if they were going to “translate” their merch across the sexes, it usually involved some form of pink of glitter; because c’mon girls, it’s an undeniable fact that you faint with glee at the sight of some fuchsia. Well, the times they are a-changing, and much for the better when it comes to this little problem. Today reports on the rise of geek girls in fashion.

Legend of Korra director/artist Ki Hyun Ryu designed some character mock-ups a few years back–for an animated series that was set to star Batman sidekick Dick Grayson. The series never made it anywhere, but at least we get a glimpse of the concept art! (via io9)

  • The title of this post is called “The Feminist Guide to Adventure Game Heroines of Yore.” That’s really all we need to say, isn’t it? (via Quarter Life Crisis Actin Hero)

The Internet Olympics? Sign us up. We’d dominate at the Staring at Pictures of Cats in Cups event. (via Yahoo)

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