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Things We Saw Today: Supergirl’s New Costume

Things We Saw Today

Supergirl’s not wearing any pants, but we kind of want her boots. (At Bleeding Cool)

Investigating the bias against female Sci-fi/Fantasy writers. (At Gaming Angels)

I have been following an interesting conversation online this past week or so about women SF writers. Nicola Griffith undertook the daunting task of crunching the numbers in the comments on a Guardian books post asking for readers’ favorite works in SF to see how many books by women authors were chosen as the commenter’s favorite book, and she discovered that books by female writers were chosen only 4% of the time. She wrote a post on her blog about why this might be the case, but more importantly, what can be done to raise the respect level for the contributions of female SF writers.

Dundee University in Scotland is offering Masters and PhDs in comics, where you can study “the effects of comics on the worlds of art, literature, and popular culture.” (At Nerd Bastards)

It appears as if some people have been gettin’ busy in a corner of Hogwarts. I wonder if they used the Chamber of Secrets basilisk pick-up line? (At Reddit.)

We didn’t think it was possible to make David Tennant more adorable, and then we saw these Doctor Who magnets. (At So Geek Chic)


The upcoming Angry Birds cookbook will include all egg-related recipes, no pig-based ones. The internet has a great big sad. (At That’s Nerdlicious)

These Portal earrings go “in one ear and out the other.” (At Neatorama)

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