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Things We Saw Today: Stego-Guinea-Pig-Osaurus

Things We Saw Today

In case that wasn’t clear, this is a guinea pig dressed like a stegosaurus. (via I Heart Chaos)

And now, on to the things we saw that are of substance!

Comics Alliance talks to a whole bunch of comic creators on the subject of writing female characters, and the whole thing will just restore some of your faith in the future. Also, it’s worth pointing out that the real takeaway here is: find the comics that do it well, and buy them. Don’t torrent them, or borrow them. DC will not notice your attention unless you pay. Them. Money. (via Comics Alliance)

  • Hey, that groundbreaking decision by Universal Studios to offer Tower Heist on VOD? Never mind. Not happening. (via Entertainment Weekly)
  • Matt Smith thinks it’s time for the Doctor to put on a new outfit for a change. Burning question: Will he turn to V-necks? (via Blastr)
  • There is a new video game for girls. It is called Lady Popular, and it is exactly what you think it is. Also the benefit of having an in-game boyfriend is that he gives you money. Funny, I thought we had a different word for those kinds of relationships… (at Kotaku via Tipster Simon — thanks, Simon!)

  • Diamond Comics will be extending its Free Comic Book Day of the Halloween season, which has always been for kids, to adults starting next Halloween! TWO FREE COMIC BOOK DAYS A YEAR, GUYS! Susana just turned into a five-year-old version of herself. (via Bleeding Cool)
  • The TARDIS photo bombs the Apollo 15 moon landing, but we’re pretty sure astronaut James Irwin does not have a weapon. (via Fashionably Geek)

    Also from Fashionably Geek, Pikachewie!

    Oh, great — more validation for my germophobe friends! Tipster Matt S. has called our attention to Your Wild Life, which explores the “wildlife” living in your house. Here is the horror movie-style trailer for the project that will have you asking, “What the F*CK is living in my tomato?” He’s also looking for volunteers to accept a sample taking kit and send him specimens from their own homes: an excellent activity for anybody raising a geeky kid!

    And in less scary trailers, Glenn Close is doing some serious cross-dressing in her latest Oscar-grabby movie, Albert Nobbs. Although the trailer seems undecided on whether it’s a serious drama or a quirky period piece, it’s still relevant to our interests. Bottom line: Glenn Close is awesome, and she will be nominated for an Oscar for this. (via /Film)

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