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Things We Saw Today: An Amazing Welsh Star Trek Lesbian Wedding

Things We Saw Today

This might be the most specific instance of glorious and heartwarming geekery we’ve ever posted. The brides, Anita Bayliss and Margaret Wood, met on a Star Trek forum online (that was run by Wood) and fell in love. Fourteen years later, they held their wedding at Liberty Stadium in Swansea, Wales and required every guest to show up in a Star Trek costume. We wish them nothing but the very best and that they live long and prosper together for the rest of their years. (via Blastr)

These are some sweet DC Comics pint glasses, folks. Only $9.99 for the set at Think Geek, and there are also Marvel ones! (via That’s Nerdalicious)

NBC‘s Community returned this week, and you might have seen their Doctor Who parody, which made us freak out like crazy people. Showrunner Dan Harmon talked to Wired about his process and revealed his Gallifreyan-style diagram that he uses to come up with storylines. (via Splitsider)

  • Speaking of NBC, Saturday Night Live comes back tonight with host Alec Baldwin (musical guest is Radiohead!).
  • And speaking of Saturday Night Live, here is a picture of Mark Zuckerberg (the guy who did all that to Facebook this week) with the guy who impersonates him, Andy Samberg. I said Zuckerberg looked like a dork, but it was pointed out to me that I’d probably be making the same face if I found myself standing next to Andy Samberg. Gothamist also has video of the appearance.

    Um, this is the coolest skeleton hand bracelet I’ve ever seen in my life. Created by Delfina Delettrez. (via The Daily What)

    Some scenes are just too f*cked up to live. This is a deleted scene from The Fly. It involves a partially-transformed Seth Brundle (um … uhhh … Jeff Goldblum) seeing what would happen if he tried fusing a cat with a baboon. If anyone has any clues as to how a partially-transformed Brundlefly obtained a live baboon, please email us at “tips at themarysue dot com.” It is not for those with delicate sensibilities. It is for those of us whose morals are questionable and who laugh at scenes this disgusting. (We laugh out of fear and confusion, by the way.) We have never meant this more: Be afraid. Be very afraid. (at io9)

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