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Things We Saw Today: A Spock Christmas Tree Topper

Things We Saw Today

It’s almost Thanksgiving that means we’re allowed to start talking about Christmas, right? Or is that Halloween? As illogical as that reasoning may be, we saw this amazing Spock Christmas tree topper on Bit Rebels and couldn’t resist sharing. Read on to find out what else we saw around the internet today! 

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  • Fantastic news! Betty White is turning 90 in January! Even better news? NBC is throwing her a birthday party/television special! (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • You know that guy Jean Reno? The amazing French actor from The Professional? Watch him play Japan’s famous robot cat, Doraemon. You won’t soon forget it. (via Topless Robot)

This amazing British At <3 t-shirt by Tom Trager features almost everything we love about Britain. Missing: Benedict Cumberbatch. Available at RedBubble. (via Dance With Zombies)

  • The classic video game Rampage is going to be made into a movie by New Line. It may turn out to be one giant Godzilla/King Kong ripoff but I’m hoping it’s just one long side-scroller with giant beasts eating tiny people and roast chicken. (via THR)
  • Here’s some Strormtroopers in carbon fiber armor. (via Fashionably Geek)

The Line It Is Drawn over at Comic Book Resources highlights some fantastic Futurama/comic book crossovers. This one is described as the League of Phil Lamarr’s voice – John Stewart, Samurai Jack, Static and Hermes Conrad.

  • Ever wonder what Batman’s alter-ego Bruce Wayne’s patient file might look like. Well wonder no more, the League of Ordinary Gentlemen has it. Here’s an excerpt:

Patient was seen for his last annual physical approximately one year ago.  Since that time he has had numerous visits for acute illnesses or injuries, generally accompanied either by his companion Mr. Grayson or Alfred, a senior member of his household staff.  These recent maladies appear to be in keeping with the pattern that has emerged over the past several years, in which significant medical problems are associated with odd or incongruous explanations.  Most recently, patient was seen for numerous areas of lower extremity cutaneous blistering, erythema and thickening, consistent with moderate to severe frostbite.  Patient had reportedly gotten lost while camping in the mountains, but could not account for how he had sustained these injuries in mid-August.

  • Hong Kong Disneyland is getting a Toy Story attraction. According to THR, “Toy Story Land is situated in a space that makes guests feel as if they have been shrunk to the size of a toy. Among its attractions is an 80-foot ‘Toy Soldier Parachute Drop.'”

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