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Things We Saw Today: The Fearful Snow Dalek (Is Not That Fearful)

Things We Saw Today

This is a Dalek. Made out of snow. Easily defeated by a hair dryer, and courtesy of the Doctor Who Tumblr account, found on Gail Simone‘s Tumblr account.

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Meryl Streep graces the cover of Vogue. On the inside, she discusses her campaign to get the National Women’s History Museum some brick-and-mortar representation in Washington, D.C. On the outside, she proves that 60 might be worth looking forward to after all. (via Styleite)

Gift idea: the illusion that your skull has been torn away by zombies. Just try not to get shot by any, um, reindeer hunters. (via Boing Boing)

  • The Jane Dough discusses how we delicate lady creatures actually are not delicate lady creatures and we do not need to be “coaxed into technical careers” or sold pink-colored technology in order to buy into geeky tech things.
  • Sorry for the watermark, but you want a slew of geekdom doctors depicted Futurama-style on a t-shirt, you might want to head over to Red Bubble. (via Technabob)

    If you’re in New Zealand and anywhere near Matamata, then there is a real live Hobbit film set that you can visit! (via The One Ring)

    Google Translate has a serious crush on Angelina Jolie, which is to say that every time you want to translate the word “jolie,” it gives you “Angelina Jolie” as a result. Um, Google, ¿como se dice, “She’s not your type?” (via Gizmodo)

    That conversation ended exactly when it should have. (via Dance With Zombies)

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