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Things We Saw Today: SNL Takes On The Force Awakens, Reminds Us Han, Luke, & Leia Are A Little Elderly

Spry old people, though!


Somehow I’m kind of doubting this is how it’s gonna go down in the movie. Also, Carrie Fischer isn’t even 60. (via NBC)

  • Margaret Atwood wrote about gendering robots for The New York Times. A tease: (via New York Times)

What fate is in store for us in The Future? Will it be a Yikes or a Hurrah? Zombie apocalypse? No more fish? Vertical urban farming? Burnout? Genetically modified humans? Will we, using our great-big-brain cleverness, manage to solve the many problems now confronting us on this planet? Or will that very same cleverness, coupled with greed and short-term thinking, prove to be our downfall? We have plenty of latitude for our speculations, since The Future is not predetermined.

  •  True Detective director and winner-of-Emmys-and-Emmy-hairstyles Cary Fukunaga has been confirmed as the director of the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, set to film this summer. Fukunaga also directed 2011’s Jane Eyre adaptation. (via JoBlo)
  • This is NUTELLASAGNA and the mere thought of it might be too much for me. (via Gothamist)
  • Check out these cool #CosplayIsNotConsent posters for Playstation Experience:
  • Here is a list of Lost inside jokes. PENNY PUN FOR THE WIN. (via Buzzfeed)
  • Watch Abbi and Ilana actually experience Bed, Bath, AND Beyond in this new clip from Broad City season 2. (via Splitsider)

I wish the people at Bed Bath & Beyond knew who I was….

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