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Things We Saw Today: Shats

Things We Saw Today

Yup. Shats. Hats that are endorsed by William Shatner. Yes, the William Shatner. It writes itself, everyone. (via BuzzFeed)

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  • If money has been keeping you from playing Portal, you have no more excuses — at least not until September 20. Valve is offering the game free of charge on Steam until that date, so you should definitely go there before it’s too late. There will be cake … I’m kidding, but the free game is very true. (via That Video Game Blog)
  • John Scalzi of Film Critic has a great essay on why Ripley is the best sci-fi/action heroine, but didn’t have all that much competition to begin with. And that’s a darn shame. (via Geek Mom)
  • Coveting is a bad thing, but it’s exactly what I’m doing over this Spidey necklace from Think Geek. Sterling silver, upside down, just hanging out. (via So Geek Chic)

    Reminder: Your chance for a three-dimensional return to Pride Rock begins this weekend! The Lion King 3D is only in theaters for two weeks, so make your plans now! Here is the trailer, in case you need convincing. (via Nerdvana)

    And finally, here is a steampunk R2-D2 by artist Jordan Thomas. (at Neatorama)

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