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Things We Saw Today: Princess Leia in a Vader Suit

Things We Saw Today

Begin composing your alternate universe fanfiction…. now. (Phil Noto.)

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We wouldn’t normally link a ThinkGeek thing because, lets face it, they’re doing pretty damn good for themselves without our help, but they just so happen to have an honest to god Dolores Umbridge Educational Decree board for sale, and that is awful awesome awesome. (via Nerd Approved.)

  • As a cosplayer, a model, and a trained massage therapist, Elizabeth Amber-Love Delaney has a few choice words for Wizard World’s trend of adding Cosplay Massage sessions to its nominally family-friendly cons.

Project Rooftop, your one stop for anything concerning superhero costume redesigns, features the redesigns of Priscilla Tramontano, and we absolutely love her Big Barda to death.

  • Fear not, lovers of Vertigo characters that are being used in the DCnU, DC serious about their completely uncreatively named DC Dark stories being serious. (Newsarama.)

Here is a video of people making video of what is probably Christian Bale knocking on a door and then being met by a lady. I, frankly, have no idea who the lady is. Could be Anne Hathaway. Could be Marion Cotillard. Enjoy? (DC Women Kicking Ass.)

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