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Things We Saw Today: Princess Batgirl

Things We Saw Today


Some girls want to be princesses. And some want to be heroes. (At DC Women Kicking Ass)

Time to face the truth, everyone. (At Geeks Are Sexy)

If Hanna-Barbera had taken on Ghost World, where would we be today? Can you even imagine the horrible 3D animated movie they’d be trying to make, like, right now? (At The Daily What)

Kelly Faircloth at io9 has a great rant about how we need more strong lady zombie-hunting leaders. “What kind of survivor group would choose a female leader? What does her ‘Live together, die alone’ speech sound like? How does she enforce her decisions?”

“Pre-Glass Ceiling” by Awkward Zombie. (Click to enlarge)

Earth 11 Justice League. (At Full of Whoa)

Kickass Pac-Man kicks kick ghost ass … I’ll stop. (At High Snobiety)

The women pictured are, from left to right, Danielle Leslie and Arielle Patrice Scott, the founders of GenJuice. They are only two of several African-American women who have successful careers in technology, but why aren’t there more? TechCrunch discusses and highlights women of color in the tech field.

These are pencil sharpeners. So technically, by using them, you’d be making an honest puppet out of Pinocchio. (At Design You Trust)

This geek mom hand-made a Death Star pinata for her kids’ Star Wars-themed birthday party. Because she’s the coolest mom ever. (At Geek Mom)

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