Things We Saw Today: A Pink Dalek at Dragon*Con

Things We Saw Today
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It’s that time again: Dragon*Con Cosplay time! And here is the sweetest Dalek who will kill you ’til you’re dead. (Photo by Nathaniel C. Propes via Geeks Are Sexy)

  • Attention comedy geeks: September is National Sketch Writing Month! Will you take on the challenge of writing one sketch a day, every single day this month? (at Splitsider)
  • DeviantARTist artanis_one has made these realistic sculptures of the cast of Futurama. Apologies for any weird dreams tonight. (via io9)

    Dave Prowse, who was the man inside the Darth Vader suit, has written an autobiography! You will be able to read it September 17. (at Coventry Telegraph)

    Twitch has a piece about how 3D, when it’s added to a movie that was not made in 3D, changes parts of the movie in ways it probably didn’t intend to:

    As “The Circle of Life” plays during the opening sequence, flocks of animals gather to celebrate the birth of Simba, the heir to the crown of the Lion King, Mufasa (voiced by James Earl Jones). As the scene moves toward its climax, Zazu the bird flies toward Mufasa, who is striding out on Pride Rock, high above his kingdom … King Mufasa is the most important one in the kingdom, but he is a kind and benevolent king, and so the animals are glad to show obeisance toward their current ruler and rejoice in the birth of their future King.

    But because Neuman decided that Zazu is more important in that moment than Mufasa, Zazu is brought forward and Mufasa is pushed into the background for the duration of Zazu’s flight.

  • And, straight from the horse’s mouth, Edgar Wright has a list of more theaters that will now be showing his new movie, Attack the Block! Yay, more of us finally get to see it!

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