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Things We Saw Today: Nicktoons, Assemble!

Things We Saw Today

Dennis Culver created these awesome mashup cartoons for Moviefone, a site with which we’re not thrilled lately, but you can visit his Tumblr or The Uniblog to see individual shots of Nickelodeon characters as the Avengers.

  • If you’re not into Cinco de Mayo or Free Comic Book Day, but you are into the Kentucky Derby, The Frisky has 23 pickup lines for the horse-race lover in you.
  • But if you haven’t quite let go of Star Wars Day, then this Guinness is for you. (via BuzzFeed)

    Her Universe has teamed up with Hot Topic, and that means there’s one more place to buy this Princess Leia hoodie! (via Fashionably Geek)

  • The Huffington Post asks an excellent question: Why haven’t more women from The Daily Show gotten their big breaks like Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell? Seriously, why is Beth Littleford doing commercials and not headlining movies?
  • Forbes listed their 100 Most Powerful Women this week, and we thought you’d like to know about it.
  • You guys: It’s a talking Slimer plush. I want to keep him for a pet! (via Ghostbusters News)

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